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I Finally Saw The Lion King on Broadway. What an Amazing Experience!

If you can only afford one broadway play, just one, I would have to say SEE THE LION KING!!! Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to see this play with my family. You see, I grew up being a Disney kid....

How to be a Super(mom / wife / businesswoman) and save your sanity

Lots of people who follow me on Instagram and know me personally always compliment on my ability to balance my business, my family, and myself. I am often asked, how do I do it? How do I manage everything and keep my...

9 Reasons Why Having Bad Credit Sucks and Why it Needs to be Fixed!

Credit. I have a love-hate relationship with it. It can be the bane of our existence or the yellow brick road depending on where you are on...

My Journey into Self-Care

We live in a world that is over saturated with distractions, materialistic happiness, and the mentality that busyness equals success. There are so many things that aren't in our control that we tend to worry about, all the time. We tend to over think the future and dwell on the past that we can not change. 

Why Traveling is the Best Medicine

City life is stressful, really stressful. So stressful that it makes you cranky, anxious, miserable, and depressed. This seems to be true for almost the entire population of New Yorkers.  The importance of taking care of yourself and having time for yourself is what keeps you away from insanity in this insane world.