6 Bathroom No-No’s to Keep in Mind Before You Show Your Home to Sell

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Bathrooms are normally a private place. A place for you to hop in the bath or take a shower or do your doo, if you know what I mean. Normally you don’t have to worry, unless you have little ones that have no sense of privacy, about people just randomly walking into your bathroom. However, when you are planning to sell your home, your bathroom is no longer private.

Before selling, daily it’s just a miniscule amount of people in the bathroom once in a while but when you are selling your home, you expect to have droves of people coming on through.

Simple things that you wouldn’t think about, like lets say that underwear you left hanging on the hook, can be an absolute turn off to a potential buyer. So much of a turn off that they may not even make an offer on your home.

So here are some thinks to stay clear from before you show your home to sell.

1) Dirty laundry everywhere

This should be a given. Having your dirty clothing lying around in the bathroom can make a potential buyer feel like the entire place is dirty. It’s psychological and it can definitely affect their choices on purchasing your home. Those dirty clothes that you took off before your shower should be stowed away in a laundry basket or bag in a closet instead.

2) Stains here and stains there

Just like laundry, having stains all over the place can be a major turn off and can keep you from getting the offer you desire or an offer at all. That poop stain must be removed before a showing, so get to cleaning! Make sure that there aren’t any soap scum stains or mildew on those tiles as well. Just like you should clean your place for your personal guests (as well as just cleaning regularly of course), you should do the same for potential buyers. They are, in a sense, your guests are they not?

I have had a buyer client I was working with once turn away from a property due to the uncleanliness. Unfortunately, that wasn’t my seller who I could have prepped through all of this, so there were clothing everywhere. They were just turned off by it and didn’t even want to even consider looking around further.

3) Extravagant art work

Sure, to you, art is a form of expression however it can be disturbing or misinterpreted by others. Although I have never had someone walk away from purchasing a home due to artwork, the potential buyers did feel a bit awkward about it and was very vocal of that. You may think having a picture of a guy (or gal) gawking downward at the toilet as a joke but not everyone would get that joke. Swap those unique arts for something more generic and neutral while you stash your stash in storage or a closet for safe keeping.

4) Over crowded sink/bathroom

If you are living in your home while you’re trying to sell, I understand that you will need to have access to your things however, potential buyers don’t see it that way. Where you may think of it as functional, they may think of it as lack of space, cluttered, and overwhelming. Get a bathroom caddie for your essentials and when you’re not around and your Realtor is showing your property to potential buyers, be sure to store them in a closet. This way it can still be functional and not all over the place.

5) Interesting paint choices

Sure, you love fuchsia, fuchsia is life and life is fuchsia but potential buyers may not see it that way. You may think that they can just change the color when they purchase but most potential buyers don’t see it that way. When buyers are home shopping and they see a home that needs painting or even a carpet change, they automatically think that it’s a major job that they would have to undertake. It’s not their fault really, it’s just a psychological reaction to a home. Few buyers look past aesthetics to see a potential of what the home could be for them so just make it easier for them to see it by picking a paint color that is neutral. Hopefully your tiles will be the same but if not, pick a paint that will tone it down a bit for them.

6) Leaky pipes

Having a leaky pipe in your bath not only raises your water bill but may also cause you to lose money on your home sale. People are always looking for a deal and may take that wasted washer as a more serious problem and may want to go ahead and knock some money off of your home’s sales price. Make sure your plumbing works and works well as well as your lighting.

7) High-tech bathrooms

Although it’s cool, at least to me, having high-tech stuff in your bathroom, but please be sure to turn them off. You may startle people who come in to view your place if they are sensitive to motion. Those toilets that open or flush on its own may scare the bejesus out of someone! Also, keep a manual near by so that if anything, your realtor will be able to handle it on their own when showing potential buyers.

These are a few things you should definitely avoid and can be used to the entire home as well. Bathrooms can add to a sales price or take away from a sales price depending on your choices. Make it easy for potential buyers to envision your home as theirs by keeping it clear, clean, neutral and updated.

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