I Finally Saw The Lion King on Broadway. What an Amazing Experience!


If you can only afford one broadway play, just one, I would have to say SEE THE LION KING!!! Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to see this play with my family. You see, I grew up being a Disney kid. I have watched all the animated Disney movies and had the entire collection on VHS.

Yes, VHS, now you get how old I am as well as how spoiled I was!

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Out of all of the Disney movies that I have seen and owned, my favorite one was the Lion King. I can not tell you how many times I have watched this movie since childhood. I saw it when it came out in the movies and watched it repetitively at home. I watched it so many times that I knew almost all of the lines in the movie as well as all of the songs.

Yes, I was obsessed!

So of course, when they had created a play for it, I wanted to see it badly! The only problem was back then, my parents couldn’t afford such a thing and as I got older, I couldn’t afford it either.

Sucks really.

By the way, I have seen other plays. Off broadway plays such as Annie and the King and I through school and summer camp trips and once I lucked out when someone bought me a ticket to see Les Miserables when I was in my late teens. Those plays were amazing, especially Les Miserables! That play was highly emotional and such beautiful music. It was an amazing experience for a young 17-year-old to view.

Now, fast forward 17 years and I finally get to see the play that I have been dying to see since being a kid and with my husband and son beside me. We had great seats at the mezzanine level and got to see a performer stand next to us, in their beautiful costumes, singing in a language that comes from a part of my heritage! How cool is that!

All I can say is that this play was astonishing!

I felt so many emotions watching this play. Childhood flashes of me enjoying the film that birthed it as well as pride to see a culture that is a part of me on stage. The costumes, masks and scenes were breath-taking. Such vibrant and warm colors. The music was wonderous and hearing those drums made my heart pound with them. Also, the message that rests within the play, which is the same as the movie: maintaining the balance of life as well as celebrating it.

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A scene from The Lion KingJoan Marcus via http://www.playbill.com

Since I have done my DNA with ancestry and finding out where my African ancestors came from, seeing this play and hearing the languages in it connected me with it even more than just the fact that it is from a piece of my childhood. Take a look at my genetic makeup and you can understand why I feel this way.


Then when I found out that the South African composer Lebohang “Lebo M.” Morake arranged and performed the music, and six indigenous African languages are spoken throughout the musical: Swahili, Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, Congolese and Xhosa, also called the “click language,” it intrigued me even more.

Of course, if you haven’t seen this play and you have seen the movie, do not expect it to be exactly like the movie. They had made some changes to it as well as added additional songs. I still enjoyed it immensely!


Do yourself a favor, if you haven’t seen this timeless classic, see it! Save up for it and buy it at least 3 months in advance in order to save some money on this investment. Yes, I think doing things like this is an investment not an expense because you are exposing yourself to culture, music and the arts. Especially more so for little ones. It is worth every penny and I honestly would love to see it again.



  1. I saw Lion King twice, but only the 2nd time truly counts. I saw it the first time in elementary school, but as time went by, I FORGOT that I saw the stage show. So eventually I wanted to see the stage show again- I wanted to remember seeing it.

    In Charlotte’s 2017-2018 season, Lion King was one of the shows. Like any musical I want to see, I started convincing my parents to take me. I had an entire school year till I knew if I was seeing Lion King. My sister, mom, and I were seating in the orchestra at the aisle. The first scene was breathtaking. I was in the show from the very beginning- I am so glad I wanted to see it again- to actually remember seeing it. I love how they created the animals. I knew I was going to get the soundtrack.

    • It is just astonishing, isn’t it? That first scene was so beautiful! I loved all of the animal puppets that came from literally everywhere! Their movements were so elegant! It’s absolutely the best play ever! I will definitely see it again after I see some others.

      • It is one of my top ten favorite musicals, but not in my top two- Wicked/Les Mis are tied for fav. musical- to understand why Lion King is not my favorite musical is to understand how meaningful those top two are.

        It is hard for any musical to mess with Wicked and Les Mis. I have a review for Lion King on my blog- on September 2018

      • Les Mia was amazing. I wish I could see it again as well but they no longer have it on Broadway but I guess I can settle for the movie. I haven’t seen Wicked as of yet but I hear great things of it. For me, as a Disney kid as well as the fact that I am learning about my roots, this one is my favorite. Still I can’t wait to see others. I’ll definitely check out your blog!

      • Seen Wicked four times- once on Broadway and three times on tour in Charlotte.

        Seen Les Mis five times- three times at community college, once in the West End, and once in the current US Tour in Greenville with my university.

        This year- hope to catch Les Mis in Charlotte. The US tour has been to Charlotte once, but is coming back a second time this year. Has been on the road since 2017. I am obsessed with Les Mis- the journey began with the film.

    • I definitely think it’s worth seeing one. I’d say in order to make it happen, save up for it and get the tickets in advance. You could also opt to try to get one of their discounted tickets the day of for like $20 bucks.

  2. that must have been fun! I heard so many good things about it, would love to see it myself for sure!

  3. I want too watch it too.. The closest I got was watching the show on Disney performances..Watch their viral videos too on FB

  4. The Disney movie was a classic for so many of us! I’m so glad you got to experience the musical! The music is beautiful and they really got creative when it came to designing the costumes. So happy you all enjoyed the experience!

  5. I’ve always wanted to see The Lion King on Broadway, but have yet to see it. I feel like it’s one of those must-see shows because of it’s uniqueness. Plus, I just love hearing those amazing songs live.

  6. Lion king is one of the most amazing shows ever. Watching it on broadway is breath taking. I’d love to see it myself.

  7. As a child I have only seen the Lion King once (also on VHS). I was scared of it because I was very young at the time and haven’t seen it since. I think it would be very good on Broadway. I’m sure it was a lot of fun to see.

  8. I bet the play was amazing to watch on Broadway! I’m excited to see the remake coming out later this summer. If it comes to IMAX would definitely be worth the extra bucks to get a more dramatic experience!

  9. Oh my gosh! What an awesome experience! I have only watched the Disney version several times and when I brought the kids with us, they were like….oohhh aaahh. whoaaa! haha

  10. I totally get I was a Disney VHS kid too! I love the Lion King, it sounds like such a fun night for you and your family.

  11. Oh my God! I’m so jealous. This is my childhood favorite movie and it has been my dream to watch it on Broadway too. Amazing!

  12. I would love to see it and will be so much fun. The lion king is excellent. Thanks for sharing.

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