5 Maintenance Tips for Protecting your Real Estate Investments

Owning a home isn’t just about paying the mortgage, taxes, and insurance or doing renovations. It’s also about keeping up with maintenance. Just as with keeping your car in tip-top shape to maintain longevity and value (yes, vehicles naturally depreciate over time but a well taken cared of vehicle is worth more than a neglected one), regular maintenance of your home will protect not only the structure but the value of your home and your wallet as well.

In fact, according to research from the University of Connecticut and Syracuse University, regular home maintenance actually increases the value of a home by about 1 percent each year.

Here are some useful tips to keep you on the right track to protecting your real estate investments.

Keep up with your roof


Your roof is the first line of defense from natural hazards such as rain, wind, hail, snow, ice, and extreme heat and it is the most vulnerable part of your home. Sure, it can be a hassle to repair or replace but if you don’t regularly maintain it, it will cost you a lot more in the future. Leaky roofs can cause damage to the structure below as well as posing an electrical hazard to the wiring in the ceilings. It can also build moisture which creates a breeding ground for mold.

Cracks and openings can create a safe space for unwanted guests as well. You may possibly be an animal lover but I am pretty sure you don’t want pests running amok in your walls.

Plus, distressed roofs can greatly diminish your property value and curb appeal of your investment.

A tar/gravel and asphalt shingle roofs (which are just two different types of roofing styles) have an average lifespan of 20 to 25 years, but just because they last that long, doesn’t mean that you just set it and forget it. If you have gutters, get them cleaned regularly. All New York City houses have chimneys that need to be regularly cleaned as well. Clearing debres from the roof will keep critters away as well as allow water to flow off of your roof instead of pooling. If you notice a wet spot on your ceiling, don’t hesitate, get it checked out by a professional.

By opting to get regular roof inspections annually or semi-annually, you can take care of potential issues before they become issues.



Along with your roof care, you should be keeping an eye on all moisture creating sources inside of your home. Check on all water-related appliances such as the refrigerator, the sump pump, and water heater regularly in case of any leaks that need to be taken care of right away. Keep an eye on any leaky faucets that may cause erosion to the pipes hidden within the walls and check around your windows and doors to see if they need any additional caulking or repair in order to keep mold at bay and maintain proper insulation.

Cleaning your chimneys, skylights, and vent openings


Chimney cleaning is highly important due to safety concerns. Accumulation of soot can cause chimney fires and I am pretty sure that you don’t want your property to get burned down to the ground. Vent openings ensure constant airflow which minimizes moisture build up. If not regularly cleaned, would cause mildew and rot in the summer or frozen pipes in the winter. Skylight cleaning prevents damage, giving them more longevity. Also, when regularly cleaning these openings you will be able to spot any damages or cracks that need to be repaired.

Maintaining curb appeal


Believe it or not, having an attractive curb appeal makes your home more valuable. Keep the exterior of your property looking its best by maintaining the greenery and keeping them orderly, power washing or replacing the facade when it begins to look a bit outdated or worn, treating for mold and painting when necessary.

Keep a schedule


When you have a schedule set for all of your maintainance work, you won’t risk forgetting about it. Having it set to your calendar as a reminder is a great way to keep tabs on what needs to be done and when.

Also, if you keep track of everything, be sure to keep what was done and when for your records. It would be a great resource to have, and an amazing selling point to potential buyers.


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  1. Absolutely, agree. Owning a home does require consistent maintenance of interior and exterior. Sometimes it’s extra work but always better to do it for keeping it all good.

    1. Yes! It’s definitely best to do the little extra work than spending a whole lot of money on a huge neglected job.

  2. blancanvalbuena says:

    Ain’t that the truth. I just sold my first apartment and when I purchased it (I was young) I did not think of the additional maintenance costs. There is so much to take care of in an apartment…I can’t imagine how much maintenance goes into a house. My blood pressure just went up thinking of how much it would cost to fix a roof – guess that’s why maintenance is so important.

    1. Yes, you do have to worry about less with an apartment than with an actual house but never the less, there is still so many things that could potentially cost thousands of dollars to fix with either of them. Especially if it is issues with the plumbing! That’s why its always important to make sure everything is in tip top shape so that you don’t pay more than you need to.

  3. crisshex88 says:

    Maybe I should have found this blog post before. By now my investment went to the air xD

    1. That sucks! Well you can always look at this for the next investment, right? 😉

  4. These are so on point. Taking preventative measures can save one from added stress and putting out more money in the long run. Thank you.

    1. You’re welcome! Yes, its better to be safe than sorry, right?

  5. lattelindsay says:

    I could not agree more! I don’t own my home but my landlord is supposed to deal with all of this stuff. I’ve been here 8 years and I’m still waiting on here fixing the roof and getting the water proofing sorted! I can’t wait to move!

    1. Aw that sucks! Sounds like a slumlord. I feel for you.

  6. These are really great tips! We’ve had to put so much into our house already. If one thing slides, everything can go down hill from there. Because of one misplaced nail in our roof, our bathroom ceiling needed to be replaced. Be on top of things will save you money in the long run!

    1. Yes! It’s like a domino effect.

  7. We had to replace our roof last year and it was so expensive. But now I know we are set for many years and hopefully longer than the last time.

  8. briebrieblooms says:

    All of these tips are great for homeowners! We just moved a little over a year ago and are very happy in our new home. It was fairly new but did have one previous family that lived here. We haven’t yet had to do any major maintenance but that’s part of being a homeowner so it’s expected.

    1. Thanks! Yes, definitely part of the homeownership life!

  9. These are some seriously helpful tips. No need to spend or waste money where we don’t need to!

  10. Bindu Thomas says:

    Looks like a great post with useful tips. These tips are really helpful and thanks for sharing.

  11. Pretty much true. Great Post.

    1. Thanks Devin!

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    1. You’re welcome

  13. Absolutely, agree.

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