How to be a Super(mom / wife / businesswoman) and save your sanity


Lots of people who follow me on Instagram and know me personally always compliment on my ability to balance my business, my family, and myself. I am often asked, how do I do it? How do I manage everything and keep my sanity? Let me tell you something, it’s not easy!

Being that I am a real estate salesperson, I am in business for myself. I am, in all honesty, an entrepreneur (a businesswoman). And being an entrepreneur, I have to appropriately manage my time so that I can have a life as well as have a business. I have to live by scheduling. Sometimes it’s hard to stick to it as things do happen, especially when you have a child, but I have to stick to it as much as possible in order to get things done. I was never used to working with a calendar because I had always done things on a whim, so switching to a calendar life was very difficult. I sometimes have relapses however I keep trying. As I keep doing it, it gets easier and I am getting better at it.

Also, I always, ALWAYS, make time for myself! Of course, that’s situated within my schedule but making time for yourself keeps you happy and sane.

So what do I do? How do I break up my time? How to I keep my sanity?

Well here are some tips that should help you if you are trying to get the most out of life in the few hours we have in a day:

1) Wake up early!

Now, I usually get up around 5:30 in the morning although I am thinking that I maybe should make it earlier. Before, I used to get up at around 4:30am to work out at a Planet Fitness that’s literally a block away from my home but I have since switched gyms and due to where I live vs the distance to my new gym, working out at that time won’t work for me anymore. I find waking up this early helps a lot as I have time to make my coffee, get my son ready for school, make his lunch for the day, get ready and make sure that I have my gym clothes and everything else that I may need for my day packed. It also allows me to meditate, which brings me to number two.

2) Meditation

I have been doing it for over a month now and boy has it been helpful. Everyone should do some form of meditation. Why do I say some form of meditation? Well those who follow religions and pray are also in a meditative state. Yoga is another form of meditation which is also a form of exercising. That moment of silence and focus on yourself allows for clarity. Also, as I suffer from anxiety, it helps calm my worries greatly. I always push to meditate early in the morning and right before bed. I have even done it during the day when I have some free time. You can meditate in as little as 3 minutes however, the longer the better. I find 10 minutes and more works the best.

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3) Exersize

I usually work out 4 days a week, right after I drop my son off at school. That’s what works for me because of the location of the gym which is close to my office. I would rather head to the gym before I even head out for the day, that would be the best way to maximize my time, but for now, this is what works best for me. I am a strong believer that working out early in the morning, before you start your day, gives you a big boost in your day. As you know, working out dumps tons of serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine in your system. It’s a beautiful, natural high. Not only that, but knowing that you killed it at your workout makes you proud of your efforts which also boosts your views of yourself and elevates your mood for the day.

4) Maximize your commute

If you walk or drive for your commute, you could play some motivational speeches or an audio book. If you are a train or bus commuter, read a book. I am stuck in a train for over 30 minutes. That’s more than enough time to read something useful. I regularly read when I leave for work and when I head home which is over an hour of book time! Sometimes I switch it up and read various articles on various topics such as the local news, science, finance, and real estate. Emails, messages, and social media can wait for later.

5) Set blocks of tasks

Throughout my day, I have time blocks set up. I set time to make phone calls, time to check emails, time to return calls, time to check my database, time to check, post and make updates on social media, time to pick up my son, time to socialize with parents, and the list goes on. Seeing that I have tons to do and little time to do it, I set most of my blocks for 30 minutes. More family oriented activities are longer of course! Yes, I also block family time! I also have certain blocks set aside for meetings as well and any appointments have to fit in my schedule. Sure some flexibility is needed however if you are always fully flexible, you’ll never get anything done! You’ll never have time for yourself or your family. If you are single and you don’t mind getting burned out, be my guest but that can’t work for me.  I tried it before. My family and I were super stressed and I had shut down plenty of times. To keep yourself balanced, it’s best to keep to your blocks as if they are set in stone. Sure, sometimes life happens and you will have to make changes but generally, stick to your blocks. Believe me, it helps!

6) Make sure to set blocks for yourself

I usually have my “me” time after I put my son to bed. I get him in bed by 8pm which allows me to have time to get everything ready for the next day, check and respond to emails, and then have my “me” time. Me time for me includes, meditation, taking a hot bath with essential oils, listening to music, reading something good, learning something new, and a having glass of wine!

7) Set blocks during “work time” for personal errands

I love being an entrepreneur! I can actually do things that I need to get done for my son’s school or personal things like paying a bill or setting doctor appointments without any issues during my “work hours”. Sure, I don’t make it an all day thing but if I can do something within a blocked time, I’ll take care of it which allows me to have more family time later in the day instead of getting an errand done.

8) Socialize

I am not talking about texting, emails, and social media. Actually meeting with people and talking to people face to face in either an intimate setting or a group event. Humans are social creatures. Even if you like to be in your own shell and have some social anxieties, you still have friends. Make sure to meet with them or even call them on a phone. I think many people have forgotten about making a phone call these days. I meet with my long time friends during weekends or even during the week for lunch, I am also a part of a few committees at my son’s school which allows me to talk with other parents. I have become friends with quite a few parents at my son’s school and often have play dates were our kids can burn out their energy while we chat and gossip. I love going to networking events as well as educational events where I meet even more people.

Some other things that I do:

  • Turn an errand into something fun by adding a museum visit after a quick meeting on Saturday with my son.
  • Inform clients of a cut off time during week nights. I have to pick up my son from school daily and make dinner as well as spend time with him. My clients are appreciative when I let them know upfront of what my limitations are.
  • Knowing my limits. Saying no is sometimes the best medicine. I am only one person and I can’t do everything.
  • Asking for help. Seriously, sometimes things come up and I need a babysitter for whatever reason. My husband’s job isn’t flexible at all but knowing all these parents at my son’s school are great and supportive. You never know who will assist you if you don’t ask!
  • Have a day off for family. Usually I take my day off on Thursdays. I don’t take any calls or emails, unless its an emergency (such as a closing). Of course I let my clients know before hand.

Have anything to add on how you balance your life, family, and business? Please share in the comments! If you know someone who might find this useful, please share it with them!