Why Traveling is the Best Medicine


City life is stressful, really stressful. So stressful that it makes you cranky, anxious, miserable, and depressed. This seems to be true for almost the entire population of New Yorkers.  The importance of taking care of yourself and having time for yourself is what keeps you away from insanity in this insane world.  Lately, I have been trying to saturate my life as much as possible in self care. Meditation, reading, learning something interesting and new, and just getting away, these are a few things that I have been focusing on.

One thing in particular, that I have yearned for the most, was actually getting away. For many New Yorkers, getting away can be hard. But I honestly feel that we tend make excuses as to why we can’t get away, even if it’s only for the weekend, even if it’s not that far away. We tend to say: “I can’t afford it.”, “I have too many responsibilities here to just leave”, “I can’t take off from work”, etc., etc., etc. Those are excuses. If someone wants something so badly, they make it happen. But it’s easier to just make the excuse. These were excuses that my husband and I had made for ourselves for many years.

Can you believe that it has been about 8 years since we have traveled?

I mean, like actually hop on a plane and go somewhere? We made choices that made it not happen sooner. Decisions that kept us from actually leaving and going to a place that wasn’t here in New York City. We finally did it this year. We finally got away.

Although we lived in Miami for a bit before, I mean, that is where our little guy was born, we haven’t been back since we left. So why not have our first family vacation at my son’s birthplace? Miami is beautiful and relaxing. A perfect place for us to unwind, catch up with our friends, and just breathe.

Traveling allows you to slow down

It’s crazy how a change of pace and scenery affects your wellbeing. Traveling sure is the best medicine isn’t it? As soon as we landed, we felt a calm. Even our son was on a different tune. He loved it! He actually asked us when we can move back. Miami does that to people. You leave this dingy city and see a clean paradise, of course you would want to stay.

When we returned, we felt revitalized. Energized. Ready to go! Traveling was the medicine that we needed! We also started planning for our next vacation and I can’t wait for that!

Sure, a week long vacation with a flight to another place may not be feasible for some people, but even a weekend getaway by bus or train. Upstate, down south, there are some wonderful destinations in the tri-state area. Something. Something that lets you see more than the world of New York City because there is more out there than just our home. More to see and do. More to experience.

I truly believe traveling should be on everyones yearly agenda. You owe it to yourself to see the world as traveling is the best medicine. Our lives are short but the world is vast. There is so much for you to experience. So much for you to see. It would be a shame to leave this life and not see it all.

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